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Wed, Feb. 18th, 2009, 11:54 am
ifeedformula: My first DNF

So this morning I decided that, since it was really nice out and kinda warm, I'd go geocaching after I dropped J at school. Found one that's about 3 miles or so from my house and I decided, oh what the hell. I'll save the gas and just walk there.
Found the place alright..but I didn't find the cache. Oh well. Better luck next time. Took me about 45 min to walk there, spent another 15 min or so assing around looking for the cache and started back. I went back a different way then I'd come and it took me nearly an hour to walk back. I think round trip I walked nearly 5 1/2 miles, which I've never done in one stretch before. Over uncertain ground at times, too. Including having to walk across a concrete dam thingie which had stinking disgusting water running over the top. Eew.

If it's nice out tomorrow, I might try and find another cache that's a little bit closer. According to the geocaching site, it's less than a half mile from here. I've figured out how to navigate with my Geko and I've dropped a waypoint so I can find my way back home and don't get  lost. I almost thought I was lost this morning because the way it told me to come back was NOT the way I'd come and I wasn't entirely sure where I was for a few minutes